Tanning Tablets – Self Tanner


☼ These are sunless tanning tablets but for optimal results, use with a little sun exposure to boost-start the bronzing.

☼ Take one first thing, just before your first meal and one just before sun exposure/last meal.

☼ Just stick with the 2, less is more.

☼ On a side note, hydrated skin will help you bronze, if you can, avoid hot showers for too long and keep your skin moisturized.


☼All of the ingredients are natural found in everyday foods.

☼ Does not contain harmful beta-carotene!

☼ Depending on your skin tone, Gold Complex users have reported it working within 2 days and others 2-3 weeks.

☼ Tan away! We hope you enjoy all bronzing Gold Complex has to offer!

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Our specialized formula of Gold Complex Tanning Tablets contains:

  • L-Tyrosine
  • Lutein (Marigold Extract)
  • PABA
  • Coleus Forskohlii 20%
  • Sesamin Extract
  • Copper

These Tanning Tablets combined ingredients are perfect for your tan and all natural looking, no orange look. Bronze glow all year round, best self tanner.

How These Melanin Supplements Work

The ingredients in Tan tablets Gold Complex are found, mostly, in everyday foods.



An amino acid, it is found in fish, rice, red meat, avocados, cheese, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds. It used in the body for a number of things including dopamine, Melanin and epinephrine.

It is a Precursor to melanin, L-Tyrosine gets converted to L-Dopa, another amino acid and L-Dopa then converts to either Eumelanin or Pheomelanin in the body.

Eumelanin then leads to the formation of eumelanin, the pigment that gives you that natural glow.


Lutein (Marigold extract)

Marigold is a very effective herb for skin conditions


Another amino acid found in meat, eggs and milk. It has been approved by the FDA for sun protection and many swear by it for grey hair prevention.

PABA is very important to the skin, it can help promote skin pigmentation and protects your skin from ultraviolet rays.

Coleus Forskohlii 20%


It is a plant and grows in the Himalayas, it increases the levels of cAMP (cyclic AMP) in the body. Increased cAMP has many benefits, a lot of drugs companies have produced medicine that increase cAMP because if its anti Asthma and Allergies.

It also increases melanogenesis signaling pathways to promote tanning.

Our Coleus Forskohlii is one of the best quality you can find.

Increased cAMP levels have also been shown to help weight loss.

Sesamin Extract

Sesamin is plant that originated in Africa.

We have put Sesamin in our product for a number of reasons. It can also increase cAMP (which stimulate melanogenesis) and increases levels of vitamin E in the body. Vitamin E is been also shown to protect your skin from the sun.

On a side note, it is the first seed crop known, over 3,000 years ago humans first started harvesting it.


Copper is a mineral that is found in hundreds of foods. It is essential for your body to produce melanin to give your body to produce pigment for a nice tan.




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