5 Things that you need to know before taking Supplements

We all know the importance of taking your daily nutrients. Nutrients are vital because they ensure that your body is working as it should. Nutrients ensure that body tissue is repaired in case of damage, as well as allow you to build muscle. Additionally, nutrients are also critical for maintaining a healthy weight and they provide you with the energy that you need to go about your day.

Most people try to get as many nutrients as they can from various food sources. However, when a person is sick, he or she may not be able to get the required nutrients from food as a result of dietary restrictions. In such cases, supplements can help to ensure that the individual is receiving all the nutrients needed.

There are many different types of supplements so it is vital to check with a healthcare professional or dietitian before you start taking any. Supplements can actually have the opposite effect when they are not right for you.

Furthermore, there are some bad supplements out there and you need to remain vigilant and knowledgeable so that you can differentiate between the good and bad supplements. Here are some things that you need to know before taking supplements:

Have a good reason to start

If you are perfectly healthy, there really is no reason to take supplements. Usually, supplements are designed as a tool to aid those with nutritional deficiencies caused by family history, lifestyle choices or chronic diseases.  Everyone has a unique story and their own health concerns but supplements typically benefit those that need the help.

Homework is essential

Unless you have done your in-depth research about a supplement, try not to introduce it to your system. The supplement market is huge and the products included are wide-ranging. You can find out more information about a supplement with a simple Google search. Alternatively, you can talk to a dietitian, doctor or fitness professional for recommendations or advice.

Warning labels

You should know that the FDA does not require manufacturers of supplements to place warning labels on their products unless those products contain iron. Therefore, the warning labels on most products tend to be inconsistent, which can be an issue if you do not know which ones to take and which ones to avoid. Because of this inconsistency, you should always talk to your pharmacist or physician regarding the supplements that you are thinking of taking before you actually take them.

You can start with a low dosage

If you want to avoid any potential side effects of supplements, you should start slow to see which ones you might react to. If you have never been on supplements before, it is actually alright to go ahead and take children’s supplements before advancing your dosage. Not only are they cheaper, but a negative aftermath would also be easier to control in case you suffer from any side effects.


With supplements, the word natural does not always mean safe. Therefore, the general rule of thumb is that you should not take any supplements, with or without prescribed medication, without receiving approval first.