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The Power of Fenugreek

Fenugreek has been used for many years by ancient Greeks and Egyptians. It has many benefits, one of the main ones is lowering blood sugar levels, which is very beneficial for diabetes but what other benefits does Fenugreek have?

Now Foods FenugreekMain benefits of Fenugreek.

Libido, in a number of studies, one with 60 healthy males ages 25 – 52 without any problems should a significant increase in libido.  

Appetite, it has also been proven to reduce appetite due to its high dietary fibers.

Blood Glucose, it can decrease blood glucose which is not only good for people with diabetes but also good for tiredness.

HDL-C, good cholesterol which has been linked to living longer amongst other things.


Fenugreek is a very powerful herb with a lot of potential and benefits, it can either be supplemented or used to make tea, ether way it should be added to every ones diet with just the HDL boost to help us live longer lives.