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Tanning Pills for a Healthy Looking Glow

That summertime glow lasts only around 60 days before your tan sloughs off and you’re left with winter paleness. There are tanning salons, but tanning beds have been proven to be even more harmful than the natural rays of the sun. All-natural tanning pills can help you to have a healthy looking glow at any time of year, without compromising the health of your body.


Tanning pills may be taken at any time of year, to promote a natural tan on your skin. You may also take them before, during, or after a hot summer vacation, to encourage your skin to tan faster, and to last longer. Each package contains 60 tablets, enough for one entire month when taken twice a day.

Each pill contains only natural ingredients, such as pava, copper, and tyrosine. Each of these ingredients will promote a healthy tan on your skin, and keep it lasting longer. Besides harmful tanning beds, it’s also a better choice than spray-on lotions, or creams. These creams tend to leave the skin looking orange, and can also happen if you take the wrong supplements, such as too much beta-carotene.

Copper is a natural elemental mineral and is beneficial to the body in trace amounts. It’s perfectly safe, and chances are your body doesn’t get enough from diet alone.

SunPava or paba is used in sunless tanning products and is a natural organic compound used in sunscreen products. It’s a member of the B vitamin family, formally called para-aminobenzoic acid. It’s found in food, and in our intestinal bacteria. It provides nourishment to hair and skin.

Tyrosine is one of the other ingredients in them and it’s an amino acid which helps the body to produce melanin. This melanin is a pigment produced by the skin when it’s exposed to the sun. The skin starts to naturally darken and make us appear tanned. Taking them before you head outdoors may encourage your skin to produce more melanin, which may make you tan faster and darker. Spray

Taking tanning pills aims to help enable you to get a faster tan, with less exposure to the skin. This decreases your risk for skin cancers, and keeps your skin from prematurely wrinkling and aging. The tyrosine in the tablets can also help you to keep your tan for longer, minimizing the need to spend more time outdoors, and decreasing your risk even more.

Tanning pills are also the perfect choice for people who have sensitive skin. Even small amounts of sun can make people’s skin itchy and red. Many people are also allergic to the common ingredients in most store-bought sunscreen lotions and creams. This can lead to itching, hives, and redness, the very things that a sunscreen should be meant to prevent. There are allergenic-free sunscreens on the market but they are expensive.

No matter what your reason is for taking them, as long as you take them to direction, you should see a darkening in your skin in as little as five days.