Tanning Pills that Do work

VitaminsThere is a lot of controversy surrounding tanning pills, it seems crazy that just taking a tablet can give you a tan. There is a lot of dangerous ones on the market that used synthetic ingredients and can be very harmful on our bodies but there is no need to endanger our bodies when we can take safe and natural ingredients which are potential even better and will not turn your skin orange but a deap natural glow. So how do they work? Here is the 3 main ingredients:

L-Tyrosine – Tyrosine is one of the amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.

Tanning pills

This is one of the main important ingredients that helps you tan quicker and deeper, it works by providing the raw materials for melanocytes. 

What is melanocytes? It is a very cleaver mechanism our body produces to protect are skin from the sun by darkening it, this is our skins way of protecting itself against too much UV light.

L-Tyrosine also has some other benefits to, according to webmd that use scientific studies it can help boost mental performance, memory and improve alertness following loss of sleep. move information here: http://www.webmd.com/tyrosine.

Copper Gluconate – Copper is a mineral. It is found in many foods.

skin body beautyEvery one from models / celebrates to just your average man and women will do anything to slow the natural aging process. Copper is very essential in skin care, there is a lot of lotions that are designed to keep are skin youthful by removing wrinkles and keeping are skin smooth that contain copper as there main ingredient. it also plays an important role in giving our bodies that all important tanning glow. It builds up your carotenoids which are natural pigments in your skin that make you makes your skin go darker. 

Copper has is also known to help stress and anxiety amongst other things according to examine.com.

PARA – aminobenzoic acid is a chemical found in grains, eggs, milk, and meat.

sunPARA OR PABA is a natural substance used in a lot of sunscreen protectors to help our skin against UV light so we can protect our skin when tanning. It also helps are body product caratenoids and melanocytes.

PARA is also very good for skin care: www.livestrong.com



FAQ's for Tanning Pills:

A. Do you need sun beds for tanning pills to work? No, in fact sunning beds can be very dangerous and tablets are a safer option.

B. Do you need sun exposer? These are sunless tablets but of course being in the sun can help a great deal.

C. How long until the colour shows? Normally within 5 days but can take a maximum of 15 days if you are pale skinned. 

D. Are they safe? Yes of course, these are all natural ingredients found in a lot of foods.